Your home is the world, Sleepless Whispers

Your home is the world

They left behind their homes and lives,
Fleeing from fear and strife,
Across the seas and desert sands,
In search of a safer life.

They carry with them hopes and dreams,
And memories of their past,
Of loved ones lost and left behind,
And futures that seem so vast.

They face the winds and waves of fate,
And the trials of a journey long,
But through it all, they persevere,
With courage and with song.

They arrive upon a foreign shore,
With little but the clothes they wear,
But still, they strive to build anew,
And find a place that’s fair.

They share their stories and their hearts,
Their cultures and their skills,
And though they may be different,
They are human, just like us still.

For refugees are not just numbers,
Or faceless masses on the move,
They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons,
And people just like me and you.

So let us open up our hearts,
And welcome them with grace,
For in their struggle to survive,
They teach us to be human in the face of any race.

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