My country, your borders, Sleepless Whispers

My country, your borders

In this world, so vast and wide,
Borders mark where nations reside,
Lines on maps and in our minds,
Separating people of all kinds.

We build walls and fences high,
In hopes that they’ll keep danger nigh,
But do they truly serve us well,
Or simply deepen our divides and swell?

Misguided wars we’ve fought for years,
Lives lost in vain, and countless tears,
Patriotism fueled with fear,
But what cost does it come near?

We send our sons and daughters out,
To fight in wars with endless doubt,
Their lives laid down for a cause,
Yet do we truly know the loss?

The drums of war beat on and on,
As leaders argue right and wrong,
But in the end, it’s always we,
The people, who must pay the fee.

For every border that we draw,
A wall that blocks or closes a door,
We lose a chance to understand,
And bridge the gaps across the land.

Patriotism, what does it mean?
To love our country, but what’s between,
Do we close our eyes to what’s not right,
And blindly follow with all our might?

Let us not forget our common ground,
The things that make us all profound,
For in our diversity lies our strength,
And unity can bridge the length.

So let us tear down walls and fences,
And build bridges with our senses,
Let us seek to understand,
And reach out with a helping hand.

For in the end, we are all one,
Underneath the same bright sun,
Let us strive for peace and love,
And rise above the hate and shove.

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